Virginia Cagefighting Championships

Show in a Box 

Have you ever wanted to promote your own Mixed Martial Arts Show? Ever thought you could do it better?  Now you can do it without the hassles of a buying a cage and worrying about the hassles of sanctioning bouts. When I started the Virginia Cagefighting Championships I rented cages until I could afford to purchase my own. I held 14 successful shows over a four year period of time.  With the VCCs "Show in a Box" You can run your own show and do it your way. Here is what you get when you promote a VCC "Show in a Box"

  • A 24 Foot Monster  Circle Cage and a Cage Crew that will erect the Cage

  • The VCCs knowledge of Virginia Rules and Regulations

  • A experienced referee and unbiased judges

  • Access to gyms and fighter contacts

  • A established promoter that will actually HELP you with your show 

  • The use of the Virginia Cagefighting Championships name or use your own name

  • The flexibility to offer different packages to suit your specific needs  

Cage Rental 

If you live in the North Carolina area and want to rent a cage or would like to use any of the other fine sanctioning bodies for your show then cage rental may be best for you. We bring it and set it up for you and after the show we take it down.  Another thing you would not have to worry about.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions and may be interested in any of the services provided by The Virginia Cagefighting Championships.

  • Phone: 434-429-7442

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